Losing your driving privileges due to a suspended or revoked license is a serious issue. It is inconvenient, costly, and usually avoidable.

Though both result in a loss of driving privileges, suspension and revocation are quite different. Below is some information that can help you if you find yourself in such a situation. If you would like additional information or a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact Ralph DeMasi Attorney At Law.

What is suspension?

When a license is suspended, the motorist loses their driving privileges until certain actions are taken, such as appearing in court or paying fines and fees.

What is revocation?

Revocation is the more serious of the two situations. When a motorist’s license is revoked, they lose their driving privileges for a set period of time. The license is completely canceled and when the set period of time is over, the driver must re-apply for a new one and may need to pay re-application fees. If the driver’s record is poor, the application could be denied.

Could I be arrested if I drive with a suspended or revoked license?

Yes! Suspension and revocation mean you have lost your driving privileges. If you are caught operating a motor vehicle, you will be arrested immediately and issued additional tickets that could result in a misdemeanor and permanent criminal record. Don’t do it!

What should I do if my license has been suspended or revoked?

If your license has been suspended or revoked, or if you were issued a ticket that could earn you enough points to warrant license suspension or revocation, contact Ralph DeMasi, Attorney at Law immediately at (315) 422-3600. We’ll provide you with a free consultation in which we’ll educate you on the laws and walk you through your options.