All too often, people with traffic tickets want to “get them over with” as quickly as possible so they check the guilty box and send in the ticket without contesting the accusation. This is a terrible idea.

When you are convicted of a traffic violation, the consequences are costly and inconvenient. The DeMasi Law Team are affordable and have a strong track record of saving people money and hassle.

Drivers convicted of ticket violations could be subject to:

  • Steep fines and surcharges. Savings on these costs alone could justify the price of legal representation.
  • Points added to your driving record. Some violations could result in enough points to cause license suspension after just one ticket. Even if your license is not suspended, points could add up and cause major inconvenience and costs if you make a future mistake. They could also result in raised insurance premiums.
  • Suspensions. A driver who earns enough points could have their license suspended and lose their driving privileges until certain actions are completed.
  • Revocations. When a driver’s violation is serious enough, that driver could completely lose their driving privileges until a set amount of time has passed, at which point the driver will need to re-apply for the license (and could be denied).
  • State Driver Assessment surcharges. These are additional penalties that must be paid each year for three years.
  • Raised insurance rates. Traffic convictions could cause your insurance premiums to be raised considerably, resulting in additional costs.
  • Loss of job. If your position requires vehicle operation, your employer’s insurance premiums could go up due to your traffic conviction, often resulting in loss of employment.

Don’t give in. Contact the DeMasi Law Team at (315) 422-3600. We’ll make your experience less inconvenient, less stressful, and less expensive.