Got a speeding ticket? Do not plead guilty until you consult a lawyer about your options!

At no cost, Ralph DeMasi, Attorney at Law, will discuss your case with you and offer recommendations. For most tickets, we can appear in court for you – and we have an outstanding track record of getting tickets reduced.

Why is it important to get my ticket eliminated or reduced?

Speeding tickets can be extremely costly. Once convicted, you’ll be charged a hefty fine and a mandatory state surcharge of up to $93. Often, your insurance rates will jump up, too.

On top of these costs, the NYS DMV will impose 3-11 points on your license. Drivers who get 6 or more points in an 18-month timeframe will be forced to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment every year for three years.

If you get too many points, you can even lose your license, resulting in numerous other costs and inconveniences. Depending on how fast you were driving when the officer pulled you over, it’s possible to get enough points from one speeding ticket to have your license suspended.

How can Ralph Demasi help?

We have decades of experience helping thousands of individuals with traffic tickets and a strong history of success with these types of cases. Our diligent team will explain your options, organize your case, and appear on your behalf. In most cases, the ticket will be reduced – and sometimes eliminated.

Don’t subject yourself to unnecessary costs and hassles.

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