If you’ve received a speeding ticket, you should be aware of a number of concerns. In addition to fines, fees, surcharges, insurance rate increases, suspensions, and various other hassles, points added to your driving record are important to consider.

The Points

The number of points that can be added onto a driver’s record depends on the number of miles per hour (mph) above the speed limit that motorist was driving when they were pulled over:

  • 3 points = 1-10 mph over
  • 4 points = 11-20 mph over
  • 6 points = 21-30 mph over
  • 8 points = 31-40 mph over
  • 11 points = More than 40 mph over

Why do points matter?

If you accrue 11 points or more or three speeding tickets within an 18-month period, your license will be suspended. Adding points to your license can also increase your insurance rates and cause you to be penalized with annual surcharges.

Can points be reduced?

Defense by a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer can help to reduce the points and fines you could accumulate. Once you’ve had points added to your license, you can knock three points off your driving record by taking a defensive driving course. This can help to bring your number of points below the suspension cutoff, but if you have three speeding convictions in an 18-month period your license will still be suspended.

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