Are you considering just checking the guilty box and sending in the ticket? While we get the appeal of getting the situation over with as quickly possible, we’d like to urge you to reconsider.

There are lots of reasons you should NEVER plead guilty on a ticket. Below are the top 5:

  1. You’ll have to pay steep fines and surcharges. Usually these are reduced by working with a lawyer and the savings is enough to justify paying a lawyer.
  2. Your insurance rates will go up. Add these increases to other associated fines and surcharges and you’ll have some major expense on your hands.
  3. Points will be added to your driving record. Get enough points and you’ll be subject to major costs and inconvenience.
  4. Your license could be suspended or revoked. If you acquire enough points, you may even lose your driving privileges.
  5. You could get hit with additional surcharges. Once you accrue a certain number of points, you’ll need to pay State Driver Assessment Surcharges, additional monetary penalties that must be paid annually for three years.

Another important point to consider is if your job requires you to operate a vehicle, your points could cause your employer’s premiums to increase. We’ve heard about far too many folks who have lost jobs under these circumstances.

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